Pivotal RabbitMQ v3.x

Release Notes

About Pivotal RabbitMQ Releases

Pivotal RabbitMQ, a commercial product, is based on open-source RabbitMQ, which sometimes releases more frequently than the commercial offering. A particular release of Pivotal RabbitMQ, such as 3.5.4, is based on the same version of open-source RabbitMQ, and also incorporates all enhancements and fixes that were added to releases of RabbitMQ since the last Pivotal RabbitMQ release.

See Server Changelog for the complete set of open-source RabbitMQ release notes.

JMS Client for Pivotal RabbitMQ

JMS Client for RabbitMQ, included with Pivotal RabbitMQ, is an implementation of the JMS 1.1 specification that allows JMS applications to use RabbitMQ messaging. For complete information about JMS Client for RabbitMQ, see Using the JMS Client for Pivotal RabbitMQ in the Pivotal RabbitMQ documentation. For information about JMS Client compatibility with other RabbitMQ components, see JMS Client and RabbitMQ Server Compatibility.