Protocol Documentation

AMQP is a standard wire-level protocol and semantic framework for high performance enterprise messaging.

From the AMQP website:

        AMQP is an Open Standard for Messaging Middleware.

        By complying to the AMQP standard, middleware products
        written for different platforms and in different
        languages can send messages to one another. AMQP
        addresses the problem of transporting value-bearing
        messages across and between organisations in a timely

        AMQP enables complete interoperability for messaging
        middleware; both the networking protocol and the
        semantics of broker services are defined in AMQP.

For more information on what AMQP is, please see the AMQP Working Group’s overview page.


All AMQP specifications and protocol definitions are published under the AMQP license unless stated otherwise.

Protocol Version Documentation (PDF) Machine-Readable Spec (XML)
AMQP 0-9-1 (incl. extensions) Full
AMQP 0-9-1 Specification Generated Doc
AMQP 0-9 Specification Generated Doc
AMQP 0-8 Specification Generated Doc